Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sell Structured Settlement Payments To Get Immediate Cash

Author: Glenn Torrey

Selling Structured Settlements is a growing trend that has been witnessed in the recent years. This solution has enabled people to get cash in times of urgent needs. Read this article to get a fair idea about how to sell structured settlement payments and get the most out of it.

A structured settlement is an insurance or financial agreement that a claimant accepts to dissolve a personal injury tort claim. The money in such cases is paid to the claimant either through periodic payments or in lump sum or as a combination of both. The settlement is structured because the payouts follow a certain structure, where the money is paid periodically and the courts decide this period. In broader terms, it is a settlement because the claimant agrees to resolve the lawsuit in lieu of the money.

Sometimes when people feel that they do not require the periodic payments, they usually opt for selling the structured settlements to make an immediate profit. Though, there are may be other situations too, when the claimant might be in serious need to liquidate the structured settlements. The reasons can be many, starting from the need to purchase a house or a car, to pay medical bills, fees for children's education, to buy a property or to start a business. Today, more and more people are choosing to sell their structured settlements in order to get immediate cash.

The procedure of getting the money by selling structured settlement payments varies from state to state legislation. Most state courts allow the claimant to sell off the structured settlement only after a court order is passed. However, in recent times this process has been made more streamlined and faster. The money to be received from the sale of the structured settlement may depend on a few factors like the total amount of the annuity, the frequency and the amount of periodic payments and finally, the present value of the annuity.

When one plans to accept cash for settlements, the need is to find a buyer who is reliable and most likely a long-term operator in the industry. The structured settlement buyer may be an individual, trading various funds or a rich experienced funding company. It is always safe and beneficial for people to choose a reputed company because there is a greater chance of getting more returns than expected. There are situations wherein people get more value exceeding their expectations. However, all this depends upon the kind of company a person selects to sell the structured settlement payments to. In case of any doubt, the need is to avail the services of a financial company that can aptly help in choosing the right buyer. Another option could be to hire a financial advisor who can guide about the potential buyers, as to who could give the best value on the structured settlements.

A good thing about professional settlement buyers is that they recommend people to sell only that much part of the structured settlement that can give them the money that is urgently needed. This helps people to keep the rest of the structured settlement for their future needs.

The option of selling structured settlement payments is certainly a great opportunity for people who require instant money for urgent financial needs. The only requirement from a person's perspective is to find a structured settlement buyer, who could provide the money that is needed on time.

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