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Your Lawyer and Your Settlement Loan

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When considering a settlement loan while having a pending lawsuit a few things comes to mind.

A. What will my lawyer think?

B. Will he approve of me getting a settlement loan?

C. Will it affect any agreements with my lawyer?

In fact, you might find it hard to believe that lawyers actually like when their clients get settlement loans, as long as it doesn’t affect any agreements between you and your lawyer. With contingency agreements there may be a limit to the amount you can get in a settlement loan. You’ll want to consult with your lawyer regarding this.

A few reasons exist why lawyers like the idea of settlement loans. Lawyers understand the hardship of their clients during a pending lawsuit. Certain type of cases won’t allow the client to work at all, resulting in no income on the client’s side. During this a big financial stress can build; medical bills, mortgages and other payments will not wait for a lawsuit case. This is why lawyers see settlement loans as a way to help their client financially during their pending lawsuit.

With the above reason of financial issue comes to second reason why lawyers don’t mind settlement loans. They allow the case to go to trail and reach a verdict; instead of the client settling for a less amount due to debt building up or lack of financial assets. Allowing a lawsuit to go on till the end can greatly increase the money awarded at the end of the case.

The fact that settlement loans are private and confidential is another great reason. They can not and will not affect the outcome of a pending lawsuit. In fact the defendants will never know that you received a settlement loan. Remember, with a settlement loan you keep the money even if you lose and don’t have to pay it back.

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