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Your Lawyer and Your Settlement Loan

Author: Legal Settlement Loans

When considering a settlement loan while having a pending lawsuit a few things comes to mind.

A. What will my lawyer think?

B. Will he approve of me getting a settlement loan?

C. Will it affect any agreements with my lawyer?

In fact, you might find it hard to believe that lawyers actually like when their clients get settlement loans, as long as it doesn’t affect any agreements between you and your lawyer. With contingency agreements there may be a limit to the amount you can get in a settlement loan. You’ll want to consult with your lawyer regarding this.

A few reasons exist why lawyers like the idea of settlement loans. Lawyers understand the hardship of their clients during a pending lawsuit. Certain type of cases won’t allow the client to work at all, resulting in no income on the client’s side. During this a big financial stress can build; medical bills, mortgages and other payments will not wait for a lawsuit case. This is why lawyers see settlement loans as a way to help their client financially during their pending lawsuit.

With the above reason of financial issue comes to second reason why lawyers don’t mind settlement loans. They allow the case to go to trail and reach a verdict; instead of the client settling for a less amount due to debt building up or lack of financial assets. Allowing a lawsuit to go on till the end can greatly increase the money awarded at the end of the case.

The fact that settlement loans are private and confidential is another great reason. They can not and will not affect the outcome of a pending lawsuit. In fact the defendants will never know that you received a settlement loan. Remember, with a settlement loan you keep the money even if you lose and don’t have to pay it back.

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Settlement Loans Vs. Traditional Loans

Author: Legal Settlement Loans

When considering a settlement loan you should always know the differences between a settlement loan and a traditional loan. They are two complete different ways to obtain fund during a pending lawsuit when a client has no income. This article is designed to explain the differences between a settlement loan and a traditional loan and allow the reader to determine which can be a better solution.

Traditional Loan

A traditional loan can be compared to normal loans; this includes auto loans, mortgages and other types of unsecured credit. Basically a lender is providing you money up front, which is to be paid back on a set schedule with a pre-determined interest rate. Your credit history and current credit obligations affect the amount of interest and amount of money that can be loaned.

A traditional loan must always be paid back according to the agreement between the lender and the person receiving the loan; regardless of income changes or living situations. Missed payments can result in negative marks on your credit history, resulting in higher interest rates and make it harder to achieve loans in the future. In some cases, if you miss too many payments over a period of time you can lose the item you bought the loan with; like a house or automobile.

Settlement Loan

A settlement loan is much different than a traditional loan; in fact you can’t even consider a settlement loan an actual loan at all. It’s more like a lending provider buying interest into your lawsuit. They are providing you an advance on your possible winnings in a lawsuit in return for that amount back with interest. A settlement loan is based solely on your current lawsuit case; your credit history and current income play no role what so ever in the decision process.

What stands out the most in the differences between a settlement loan and a traditional loan is a settlement loan does not have to be repaid if the case is lost! Yes, that means if you lose your pending lawsuit you do not have to pay back one dollar to the settlement loan provider. You’ll also not receive any marks on your credit history, nor will it affect any future chances of receiving a settlement loans.


As you can tell from reading this article a settlement loan can be far more beneficial and smarter financial move if you’re attempting to obtain financial funds during a pending lawsuit. However, situations are different and sometimes a traditional loan might be the only way for someone to go. This article author believes you should apply for a settlement loan prior to a traditional loan. Remember, if you receive a traditional loan and lose your case your still obligated to pay it back!

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Are you thinking of getting a settlement loan? Legal Settlement Loans is the premier provider of information and educational resources for settlement loans. If your interested in learning more about settlement loans than visit the website today!

5 Killer Benefits Of The Structured Settlement Loans

Author: Juhani Tontti

Normally, when the court will decide, that another party has to pay to another party, it will happen in the form of the structured settlements. Usually they include both a lump sum and the periodic payments and are targeted to cover the financial needs of the recipients. Because the party, which has to pay, cannot pay, it will make a deal with an insurance company, which will form a settlement policy. The recipient can transform this policy later into the cash money with the structured settlement loans, which can better fulfil the needs of the recipient.

1. How Do The Structured Settlement Loans Work?

The structured settlement loans work in the way, that a person, a recipient, who wants to sell the structured settlement asks quotes from the different candidate companies. After the first quotes have arrived, he will turn to the best companies ask even better quotes. The seller can prepare the process carefully by writing all the policy details on paper. Then he will use the same information for all companies, which means that he will get the quotes exactly with the same content. This all can be done online.

2. Not All Companies Can Give Quotes.

It is important to remember, that the court must accept all the buyer companies and also the sale itself. The recipient must have a good reason, a change in the life circumstances, before he will get the acceptance.

3. The Cash Money Can Be A Better Solution.

The settlements have their benefits. They bring a long term financial security, but the money comes in the future. Some recipients see the cash money more useful to them. They can get more financial freedom or they just see more profitable investment instruments. The financial needs vary from person to person.

4. Meet The Financial Advisor To Get The Right Picture.

The more you will research the structured settlement loans, the more complicated you will see them. The settlement loans are just one alternative. The financial advisors are experts, who know all the possible alternatives, which you can use. It is wise to discuss with them, before you will sign anything.

5. The Taxation.

Usually when we speak about the structured settlements, we mention that they are tax free instruments. But not always. In most cases the periodic payments are, but the lump sums are not. It is wise to discuss about all the details with the advisors, because some details can offer a surprise.

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Cash For Structured Settlement

Author: Ricky Lim

Most companies offer Cash for Structured settlement as a result of workers compensation, or personal injury. Formally recognized in 1983, the structural settlement was specified as a voluntary agreement between an injury victim and the defendant.

Before you enter into any agreements, you should consider your options to ensure that the financial position of the company is good to avoid the risk of default of your cash after you sign over your annuities.

Professionalism, style and experience are the key factors to be considered in choosing a structured settlement company.

  1. One should work with companies which conduct business professionally and in an ethical manner, be experienced and demonstrate results in what they do and provide comfort and peace of mind.

Structured settlement is beneficial to users as it is a loophole for tax avoidance while, settlements funds are also saved for future use.

Before you sell your settlements, you should consider the following factors. First, ensure that there are no legal restrictions as well as contractual limits which make selling of your settlements impossible.

Secondly, look at the tax considerations since most of the settlements offer tax savings as compared to cash settlement.

It is advisable to seek professional help from either your accountant or your lawyer who will advice you on the consequences of your decision.

Cash for structured settlement enables individuals to sell part or all of their annuities for a sum of cash. This enables people to meet financial emergencies. Individual also use the cash to pay off their debts or buy a home.

Since it takes time for one to sell annuities, you should plan ahead to avoid disappointments and unnecessary delays.

The lump sum value of your payments usually depends on the amount and when it is due. The schedule of payments is usually outlined in the structured settlement agreement.

Settlement transaction factoring is the best interest used for the Cash for Structured settlement. However, courts can determine the interest rates on a case by case basis since there is no ‘best interest’.

Discount rate was relatively high due to expenses caused by litigation but this reduced considerably after the enactment of state and federal legislation. The discount rate has been associated with home loans though a little higher rate than the home loan interest rates.

Discount present value determines the present value of payments to be made in future using most recent rates provided by the federal rate.

Cash for Structured settlement offers you a chance to receive lump-sum and acts as an alternative funding made to meet your needs.

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Countries that practice structured settlement

Author: mcrally

Structured settlement was first introduced in Canada and later in Australia, England and United States. Although the term structured settlement is same in all the countries, the definition and laws, provisions of laws are quite different in each country. There are different enactments, laws, provisions about structured settlement in each country and no laws of two countries are similar. This identifies the unique identity of structure settlement and also confirms a fact that due to its wide acceptance by people, countries have been implementing its legal procedures.

The success of structured settlement is very wide in all the countries and even in the year 2008, United States has even amended Internal Revenue Code by adding some of the provisions for the benefit of claimants who seek structured settlements. Structured settlement being identified as a financial arrangement between two parties, the settlement is covered entirely within the legal procedure. There are no legal disputes unless a suit is filed, which otherwise will be dealt with the process of court procedures. Periodic payment is a settlement made by the court when both the parties approach court for a suitable decision. Installment is paid by the insurance company to the claimant for a life period of time and this is a permanent source of income for claimant. There is more care and attention in the legal procedures as drafted by Congress in United States and also in other countries. There are different standard rules, regulations and tax benefits in each country. These are designed according to the governance and requirement of each nation. Structured settlement being a very good business, it is important for a claimant to consult a tax adviser or an attorney. In each state there are number of practicing legal professionals who can provide good guidance either through on line or in person. The advantages of structured settlement have enabled the growth of insurance business and also worked to the financial security of claimants. The two most important advantages of structured settlements being tax free benefit and an opportunity to invest apart from being a source for permanent income which is a great convenience to the people.

Therefore countries that practice structured settlement have different laws, tax regulations and legal procedures that are different for each country. This also explains the fact that, the success rate of structured settlements in all the countries is quite good which is why this continues to prevail and is being under practice. There are many legal procedures that appear as complicated for people, but in fact if a lawyer is approached, the settlement becomes much easier.

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Legal Issues To Be Taken Care For Structured Settlement

Author: Christina Brown

Lawyers play a very important role when you go in for any legal contract, be it for any purpose. Some might structured settlement are quite a good investing option and upon reading the advantages definitely you will go in for them. However, some legal aspects need to be tackled as well. Especially at the time of selling the structured settlement, it becomes necessary for us to take the help of a solicitor because your application for selling is determined by the judge. He will review the case in order to determine that upon selling the structured settlement, will you be benefited from it or not. The legal adviser will tell you how to put down the things and easily get the selling structured settlements request approved.
Judges usually approves the request. However, if they appear to be non-genuine one then he denies it as well. This complete procedure takes about two months. Once you get the approval, it becomes necessary for you find the company who is willing to purchase. Get a legal contract made with the help of a solicitor and take his advice on the matter before singing and documents. He will look for your interest at this point of time. He will see that you receive fair terms and are flexible for getting the payment for your settlement.
Further, at the time of selling structured annuity settlement they help you in negotiating the deal by telling you on how to discount the present value (at this time of recession or high inflation rates, one need to be careful). To know more about the benefits of hiring a lawyer for handling legal issues for structured settlement, visit

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Structured Settlement In The Usa

Author: Charli Jhonson

A structured settlement is a kind of financial or insurance arrangement that includes periodic payments. A claimant has to accept resolving a personal injury tort claim. Otherwise he has to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation. First, this settlement appeared in the United States of America and in Canada in the 1970s. They were utilized as an alternative to lump sum settlements. It is also known as “periodic payments”.

Periodic payment laws are enacted in the United States of America at the federal and state levels both. Federal laws include sections of the Internal Revenue Code. State laws include the following: periodic payment of judgment statutes and structured settlement protection statutes. Periodic payments are affected by Medicaid and Medicare laws. Periodic payments may be incorporated into “Medicare Set Aside Arrangements” “Special Needs Trusts" to preserve a claimant’s Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Some of the nation's largest disability rights organizations have endorsed structured settlements. For example these are American Association of People with Disabilities and the National Organization on Disability.

Generally periodic payments are structured in the following way: the claimant (an injured party) settles a tort suit with the defendant pursuant (or its insurance carrier) to a settlement agreement according to which, the defendant or its insurer agrees to make a series of periodic payments over time in exchange for the claimant's securing the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Then the defendant is being obliged for a long-term payment to the claimant. In the most common case, to fund this obligation, the insurer takes one of the following approaches: a third party is being delegated with a periodic payment obligation, otherwise the insurer have to purchase an annuity from a life insurance company (that arrangement is called a "buy and hold" case.

As were said previously, this settlement appeared in the USA in the 1970s. For nearly a half of a century since they were set, lots of economists studied them. The economical studies grew fast and there were made efficient developments.

Nowadays there are more opportunities for American citizens then in 1970s. Currently you may even sell structured settlements if you are in a need of money. This may provide you with a steady income. You need not to wait for years, but get your money right now. Specialists will help you to get cash for this settlement. You can earn nice sums of money without any extra efforts. Everything will be done by the team of the specialists.

Selling periodic payments you may earn great sums of money. It is legal. More of that it is justly that you shouldn’t wait for a long time and just sell your structured settlement. That may give you enough money to buy a car or a house. You don’t have to wait anymore if you are in a need of money.

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Structured Settlements – Take Charge of Your Life

Author: CFIP

Yearning to possess more and more money is the state of most human beings; it never ends. Mankind believes in hoarding currency for their future needs and requirements. People save their cash, so that they can be comfortable as they get older. Although it's a good thing to keep money for the future, you never know of unplanned events. You may encounter unexpected situations such as disease, death, accidents, major repairs of your home or car.Who will ensure or watch out for your structured settlements or saved money? It's really a big matter to think about.

Instead of being aggravated or stressed, there is a simple, financially sound solution to resolve your You can sell all or a portion of your structured settlements to finance service providers or structured settlement buyers and acquire lump sum fine cash.Structured settlements are something that always can be accessed during your financial crunches. After knowing this, you might breathe a sigh of relief.But the trepidation and foreboding does not end here, as most people are not knowledgeable how to sell a portion or all of their structured settlements.To whom do they sell their structured settlements? What is the exact procedure? How much time will it take to obtain the hard cash?

The procedure of selling structured settlements to obtain the hard lump sum cash is straightforward. First of all, you have to hire a structured settlement buyer or a financial service provider like Cash Flow Investment Partners. Every Structured settlement bargain hunter has their own set of laws and policies for buying the payments.

Get structured settlements, annuity settlements and lottery winnings in lump sum. Cash flow investment partners help you in selling structured settlements, cash structured settlements, anuity payments, annuity settlements and lottery payments for cash, lottery payments for cash. Get maximum value for lottery winnings.

Cash Flow Investment Partners will provide you with the hard cash in three easy and simple steps. First step is you complete a general form. Second step is a free no obligation quote. And third, the final step, Cash Flow Investment Partners will prepare all the required documents for you to obtain your cash as early as possible. This whole procedure possibly will take 3-4 weeks, not more than that.

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5 Killer Tips To Sell Structured Settlements With Good Profits

Author: Juhani Tontti

The need to sell structured settlements comes from the fact, that the life situation of the recipient has been changed and that the original plan does not respond anymore to the financial needs of the recipient. He wants cash money and is willing to sell structured settlements. The court will accept every single deal. The aftermarket is run by the special brokers, which know the terms, i.e. what are the requirements for the buyers.

1. The Benefit Of The Settlements.

The general benefit, which the settlements offer is an economic security. The payments come during the good and bad times and the recipient knows exactly, what his financial future in this respect will be. They are ideal for the economically uncompetent people and to the minors, for example.

2. The Seller Is Often An Insurance Company.

Actually, if the court decides, that somebody has to pay a lump sum plus some regular periodic payments to the recipient, it is an insurance company which executes the payments. This is a secure solution, especially thinking about the aftermarket, where the programs are sold. The periodic payments are more profitable to the insurance companies, because they can hold the money longer and to invest it before they have to pay.

3. Why To Sell?

Two reasons popped into my mind. The need of the cash money is of course a natural reason. But a recipient can also think, that he can get a better profit from some other investment instrument. The latter reason may be difficult to get through in the court. However, the original target of the settlement is to help a person, who has a need for a periodic and secure income. The recipient must be able to prove, that his needs have been changed and it is better to sell the program.

4. Sell To A Customer, Who Has A Special Situation.

There are buyers, who are waiting for the situations to buy structured settlements. These persons see the settlements as a special products, which fulfil their financial needs. This target group is ideal to you. Ask from your broker, whether he has these kind of investors waiting.

5. How To Get The Best Price?

After the court has accepted the sale plan, you must create a plan to get the maximum price out of the settlement. What it requires is, that you make the buyers to fight for your plan. Ask at least ten quotes. This is important, because different bidders will see the economic future differently. You can also lead the way, how the candidates think about the future. Paint a picture about a secure economic payments, which come, whatever the economic situation is.

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Sell Structured Settlement Payments To Get Immediate Cash

Author: Glenn Torrey

Selling Structured Settlements is a growing trend that has been witnessed in the recent years. This solution has enabled people to get cash in times of urgent needs. Read this article to get a fair idea about how to sell structured settlement payments and get the most out of it.

A structured settlement is an insurance or financial agreement that a claimant accepts to dissolve a personal injury tort claim. The money in such cases is paid to the claimant either through periodic payments or in lump sum or as a combination of both. The settlement is structured because the payouts follow a certain structure, where the money is paid periodically and the courts decide this period. In broader terms, it is a settlement because the claimant agrees to resolve the lawsuit in lieu of the money.

Sometimes when people feel that they do not require the periodic payments, they usually opt for selling the structured settlements to make an immediate profit. Though, there are may be other situations too, when the claimant might be in serious need to liquidate the structured settlements. The reasons can be many, starting from the need to purchase a house or a car, to pay medical bills, fees for children's education, to buy a property or to start a business. Today, more and more people are choosing to sell their structured settlements in order to get immediate cash.

The procedure of getting the money by selling structured settlement payments varies from state to state legislation. Most state courts allow the claimant to sell off the structured settlement only after a court order is passed. However, in recent times this process has been made more streamlined and faster. The money to be received from the sale of the structured settlement may depend on a few factors like the total amount of the annuity, the frequency and the amount of periodic payments and finally, the present value of the annuity.

When one plans to accept cash for settlements, the need is to find a buyer who is reliable and most likely a long-term operator in the industry. The structured settlement buyer may be an individual, trading various funds or a rich experienced funding company. It is always safe and beneficial for people to choose a reputed company because there is a greater chance of getting more returns than expected. There are situations wherein people get more value exceeding their expectations. However, all this depends upon the kind of company a person selects to sell the structured settlement payments to. In case of any doubt, the need is to avail the services of a financial company that can aptly help in choosing the right buyer. Another option could be to hire a financial advisor who can guide about the potential buyers, as to who could give the best value on the structured settlements.

A good thing about professional settlement buyers is that they recommend people to sell only that much part of the structured settlement that can give them the money that is urgently needed. This helps people to keep the rest of the structured settlement for their future needs.

The option of selling structured settlement payments is certainly a great opportunity for people who require instant money for urgent financial needs. The only requirement from a person's perspective is to find a structured settlement buyer, who could provide the money that is needed on time.

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